New(ish) math.seminar series!

Following on from a successful workshop on Julia (see Chapter Secretary Matthew Gwynne’s  blog post for SIAM UKIE), we’re organising a new series of seminars to promote the kinds of computer skills which are useful for any mathematician, but don’t necessarily involve actual maths!

Have you been meaning to set up a personal website to promote your research? Looking for something better than Microsoft Paint to make your diagrams? Need to brush up your LaTeX? Then the “maths dot” series is for you!

Each seminar is aimed at beginners – no previous experience necessary! – and is accompanied by tea, coffee and biscuits. It’s best if you can bring your laptop with you, but feel free to come along and watch if not.

We’ve already had our first successful seminar math.html on the basics of HTML and setting up a personal webpage, given by our very own Webmaster Jonathan Deakin (blog post to follow!).

Upcoming math.seminars:


4 – 5 pm, Thursday 16th February 2017
Frank Adams 1, Alan Turing Building
Weijian Zhang

If you’ve ever found yourself using filenames like “project_final_draft_3_March12_DEFINITELYFINAL_v2”, then you need Git! Learn to keep track of your changes to your thesis, paper, source code etc. by using Git for version control.

Date & time TBC
Georgia Lynott

Want to fill your papers and presentations with beautiful, non-fuzzy graphics? Inkscape is a free vector graphics program with lots of excellent features which will allow you to make high-quality diagrams and graphics.

Have you got an idea for another maths.seminar? If you’re interested in sharing your computing expertise, please do contact the committee!




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